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Drop-In Table
For Grooming Establishment
Boarding kennels - Vetenarians, or the people with both large and small breeds.  This drop in anodized aluminium and fibreglass lightweight drop in insulated table is a must.
Why bend you back to wash small dogs in the large baths

Drop-In Table

Foldaway Front Wheels

Foldaway Front Wheels
Optional fold away front wheels to make moving your TH series units around.  You put four wheels on and when the dog jumps in the bath takes off without expensive locking devices.
Use out safety designed fold away front wheel system.
Dual Hose Kit
A great innovation Dual Hose Kit and Cage firing attachment for the CM2H, or or use the two hoses to Dry & Style your dog in super quick time.
Check the price on these little gems.

Dual Hose Kit

Whelping Fibreglass Boxes.

Lightweight Sterile Whelping Fibreglass Boxes.
Lift-out Door and Removable Crush Rails.
Heated or non heated.
Our heated models are only 1/2 area heated, as mum doesn't like the heat, but as they are insulated during manufacture isolthalmically  they don't need heating.
Sizes: 3x3, 4x3, 4x4.
A must for the serious breeder

Remember: All Our Accessories Carry a 36 month Warrantee against  faulty materials or workmanship!

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